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It is working here now-thanks!
Good ! Thanks for the help with finding gaps in the documentation.

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Just to confirm the expected behavior, should there be a separate entry in Day One for each completed task?
The CLI makes one entry per event. My understanding of Hazel is that it is driven by events rather than intervals. If you select a bunch of tasks and mark them all as done, in a single event, they will end up in one entry.

If, however, you move through the page, ticking them off one by one, they will probably end up in different entries.

Might be worth experimenting, if you would prefer more clustering, with Hazel settings like "If the date last modified is in the last 10 minutes". I'm not sure exactly what the implementation of that is.

A line like:
afplay /System/Library/Sounds/Pop.aiff
after the DayOne command line is called may help diagnosis.


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