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I too am eager for an iPhone version of OO...

With the new (although still rumoured) larger screens for iPhone 6 and "desktop class" 64 bit processors, surely the time is ripe for a high quality version of OO on iPhone?

Great to read the post in this discussion from Ken early last year saying it's a question of "when" rather than "if" for OO iPhone.

With the new versions of OO for Mac and iPad complete, the new OF for Mac close (the beta is awesome)... surely that just leaves the iOS 7 lick of paint for OF iPad... and... OO for iPhone! ;)

It would be awesome if the release of OO iPhone coincided with the release of large-screen iPhone 6 and iOS 8... I can dream...!

Many thanks to Ken and crew for continually producing first-rate software. From what I've seen of the new OF Mac, it's the best yet which is really saying something.