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I'm having trouble figuring out how to practically fit this into my workflow.
Do you use review in OF? if so how? How does it help?
In my reviews, I do a couple of things. So far I've followed the same practice for daily and weekly reviews. I don't have a model for monthly reviews yet, though Curt gave me some ideas above in the thread.

First, in project view, I group by review, with remaining actions visible, and get a sense of what my priorities ought to be, barring emergencies, for the next few days or couple of weeks (depending on the level of the review). I mark each project set for review "today" (or in the past) as reviewed once I've done that and noted in my journal anything I need to pay more attention to. I do this until there are no more projects listed for review today. Sometimes I'll adjust the review frequency or next review date if I find I'm reviewing a project too frequently or not frequently enough, or if circumstances require that I postpone work on a project to a specific date.

Second, I switch to context view and group by completion date. This is a quick and dirty way to review what I've accomplished; I note milestones in my journal. If tasks seem trivial enough I don't want a record of doing them, I'll delete them. OmniFocus's database structure is robust but I don't necessarily need much clutter!

Currently I keep a separate someday/maybe list in OmniOutliner, which I review from time to time but not on a fixed schedule. As I migrate those to OmniFocus I'll probably adopt some of Curt's strategies. But I'm hoping that OF will eventually make "on hold" projects active, automatically, once their start date arrives. That way I won't need to remember that particular part of the review.

(And, obviously, once perspectives can be managed and renamed, these review steps will become a lot easier to do.)