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In OW 5.5, when there are more tabs open that can fit in the tab drawer, a scroll bar appears next to the drawer, and allows the user to scroll through all open tabs. Furthermore, if the user wants to relocate a tab to a different location within the tab drawer, so that the tab is next to one or more related tabs, the user simply drags and drops the tab to be relocated; however, the drag and drop limits the user to re-positioning the tab within only the displayed portion of the tab drawer. OW should automatically detect if I'm dragging a tab above the top of the tab drawer, or below the bottom of the tab drawer, and then, if there are more tabs in the direction in which I am dragging, OW should scroll up or down to reveal those tabs as I continue to drag, so that I can drop the tab into the new location.

Currently, without that feature, I have to drag tabs to a temporary location closer to the intended destination, drop, scroll to reveal the next tab-drawer screenful closer to the destination, and then repeat, often five or ten times. That's trivial code to write, and would save a lot of time.