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I turned off syncing in Mac OmniFocus, then turned it back on again. I then found I had to choose either the remote or local copy when next trying to sync iPhone OmniFocus, and promptly lost all the changes (quite a number!) I'd made on my iPhone.

Is this a known issue that is high on the list to be fixed? Is there a way around fixing this problem without losing data that I'm not aware of?


Well, which did you choose when syncing? If you don't want to lose data, and have only made changes on one, choose the copy that corresponds to the machine that has them. If you've got changes on more than one, you're going to lose some of them.

If I understood your description, you could have saved the changes you made on the phone if you selected the local copy when you synced on the phone. That would write a copy of the phone's database to the desktop machine.