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Thanks, Brian, for the response.

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For #2, what is your "in projects, show" setting? If it's set to "remaining" or "all", and you're seeing a sincle copy of the project when you return, you're seeing the intended behavior. When you complete a repeating action, we create a new copy of the project with the updated start/due dates right then. It becomes visible when you tap away from the screen and come back.

If you're seeing this bug, you would see an overdue copy of the project and the new version with the updated start/due dates, sitting side by side.
My "in projects, show" setting on my iPhone is "Available."

These are events that are set to repeat every day, repeat from completion date.

This worked perfectly for months and months. I would tap to check off a task on my iPhone, and it would be gone--until tomorrow. The identical behavior of how such actions would behave on OmniFocus desktop.

I look forward to a fix on this. I have 50-60 repeating daily events in my "Today" project, and I am pretty much dead in the water right now. Can't use my OmniFocus on my iPhone at all anymore.