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When you launched SL Mail you should have gotten a window that said something like, "OmniMailMessageEnabler could not be verified....etc".

If you take a recent OmniFocus 1.7 sneakypeek and go into Preferences->Clippings, you should be able to re-install the Clip-o-tron 3000 which will install an updated version that should work with the SL version of Mail.

Let us know via Send Feedback if this doesn't work for you and any error messages you might see.

(You can check to see if it's installed by looking at ~/Library/Mail, and you'll see a folder called Bundles, and you might alse see "Bundles (Disabaled)" which is where the old version got put)

We're double checking the defaults.... but you may need to enable the OmniFocus Clipping Service in System Preferences > Keyboard > Pick Services from the List, then find and enable OmniFocus.

Bonus: When this all works on Snow Leopard you can just right-click on a message in mail and you'll see the clipping service at the bottom of the context menu, in case you're bad with hot keys (like me).