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GoodReader + OF = Xmas. Let me know if you guys need more GoodReader users to send in requests for this.
Thanks for the support hypotyposis. If and when attachments are possible, I'll start a thread encouraging Members to support each other's requests to other App developers. If I grovel, Brian might even make it 'sticky'!

I'm also hoping that amorya's request for multiple items might be met.

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Not at the moment, but that's certainly a good idea! We'll look into adding support for sending multiple items at once.
If this happened, I know of one App developer in Japan who would be happy to include Send to OmniFocus (OK, I have to bankrupt myself entertaining him at Ichiriki Tei first!) and a colleague got really enthusiastic responses from Red Laser about supporting OmniFocus, but that was before eBay bought them out (last contact he'll ever get from them!).

I believe it would be really productive the more Apps that support OmniFocus but also great if Omni returned the compliment, ie within the OmniFocus App there would be an option to Open in GoodReader, etc.

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