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Ok, I will give it a go.

Last time I looked (and please, I am not a CD expert), CD was five products and $1,400. Now why would there be five separate CD products, why would I want five separate products, when I have one OG for $200 (ok, it was $50 when I bought it !). Even if you take CDProject (vs OmniPlan) out, you're still looking at $1,200 vs $200. I am not saying they are all different, and you need all five; but you do need three or four to equal OGP. So I don't know how you came up with equal dollars.

Can you draw something in CDMindMap and open it in CDPro ? Vice versa ? What are the limitations of each product (another way of asking, why are there five) ?

On the intuitive drawing side, and my attempts were on the one-before-current release of CD, well, Omni just wipes the floor with CDP, so I would buy OG over CDP just for that one single reason. I did not spend too much time looking at all the features, but for the features I did look at, OG won over CDP every time. CDP is non-intuitive, both in the non-Mac sense as well as the drawing sense. Half the time I had enter text values in boxes to get the lines/shapes I wanted in CDP; in OG I just click and draw.

But the problem is, you sound like you already have a handle on the comparison ...