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I think one answer to some of these concerns from those that wish to leave would be an omnifocus web interface that can also be mobile friendly (iPhone/Android/etc.). A simple interface, but one where users can select specific OF projects to sync, add, edit, all online and in perfect sync with the app (Mac, iPhone or iPad). Like that of mobileme.

Spootnik while useful is lacking (lack of security, inability to flag items, inability to add notes, need to subscribe to basecamp to sync specific OF projects, etc).

If the Omni group came up with one, I think that a minimal annual/monthly subscription service would be well received. Since this has apparently been in the works for about 3 years now (dating back to 2007 based on the Omni responses from these forums), I think active efforts to revitalize the project are well overdue.

It certainly would be of great benefit to the thousands of users (like that of schollguin here) who have the iPhone app and cannot use the Mac (or do not have a Mac) at work/home, or to those that live in a Windows world and do not have the iPhone, but would like to use OF on their PC/Android, etc.

Let's look at the toodledo model as an example. Great web-based capabilities which has resulted in a very large user fan-base that multiple iPhone apps have been developed to sync to it. The things that I can think of that Toodledo lacks (and those that Omni can try to take advantage of) include:
i) a desktop application (which is already in place: OF)
ii) a better simplistic online interface
iii) subprojects, subfolders and subcategories (which is already in place: OF)..
Toodledo only offers a one-level subtasks feature
iv) textual notes (which is already in place: OF).. Toodledo only offers a task description option which does not sync to apps.

I can think of several different other advantages. Given the revenue opportunity available here, I'm honestly surprised that Omni has not capitalized on this yet.