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I'm a relatively new user but have loved making logic models in OmniGraffle - not only ease of use but logical and fun - all of that good Mac stuff.

I have used MS' Org Chart previously for organizational charts, which is clunky and somewhat stupid, but its capabilities still seem to be better than OmniGraffle's for this particular purpose. Perhaps I have missed something ...

However, I have just wasted the better part of 90 minutes (and time is very scarce these days, as for all of us) trying to do a very simple org chart in OmniGraffle. I have used several words which I'm gonna have to pay for in the Bad Word Jar in our house, and have now given up. I surfed the Forum and reviewed (again) the videos on the Omniwebsite, incorporated all ideas I found, and have in the end concluded that I cannot do the following critical tasks (all of which I can do even in MS Org Chart):
- stack the boxes in some parts of the org chart (the non-focal parts of the organisation) to make more room for the vertical levels of the org chart (the focal parts)
- print a chart which should easily fit onto one page, on one page
- change the box size and font size for groups of boxes

Hope we'll see these features in a future version of OmniGraffle.

Thank you.