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There may be a faster way to create a stack like the one in your picture, but this works:

Select the items to be stacked and set them to have four magnets, N,S,E,W in the Properties:Connections Inspector pulldown for magnets

Make sure that the connectors in the stack are orthogonal style. Use the Style:Lines and Shapes Inspector, top center pulldown in the line-style box (lower half of the panel).

Make the connectors to objects within the stack connect to the West magnet on the object. (Or the East if you want the connectors on the other side.)

Arrange and align the stack objects vertically. (You could do this first.)

You could start with just two magnets E,W instead of four magnets N,S,E,W. The choice may result in some additional line-alignment tweaking; which one is better may depend on how you created the objects.

If you do an automatic layout of the org chart later, the stacking will be lost, so save this step until you're almost finished with the chart. It's not hard to recreate the stack, though, since the objects have the right properties and the connectors connect to the right places. All you have to do to recreate it is arrange and align.

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