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What should be the priority of context. I will not use all at the same time. I will use only one per task.
I think what you are asking here is: "if a task can be assigned to more than one context, which one do I choose?" For example, say you had a context for Internet (tasks that can be done on any computer connected to the Internet, such as viewing a web page), and a context for a specific computer, which happens to be connected to the Internet. A task like "Post to Omni forum asking about philosophy of contexts in OmniFocus" could probably be done from any computer. It wouldn't make sense to put it in the context for a specific computer. A task like "Post response to XYZ's post on Omni forum" might merit being placed in a context for a specific computer if that computer is the only place where OmniFocus is installed and giving a good answer requires posting a screenshot.

A trickier case is where multiple conditions need to be met. I think Ken covered it better in a post long ago than I've seen anyone else do, so I'll just give you a link to his post (the whole thread may be helpful, too).