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For OG context, read this post, and this post. Post #18 is also really worth reading.

I am surprised that Omni do not present the change properly, because they normally do. The change is in Lion, nothing to do with OG or any app. The auto-save feature in OG is now redundant, the functionality now resides in Lion. To access a previous version, use TimeMachine (it is now standard with OSX).

This Apple/Lion KB article is essential to understanding the issue.

The RevertToSaved option is greyed out because Lion is auto-saving the file, and there is no unsaved version to revert to. You may also have OG set up to auto-save, which will confuse you, so you can clear that setting.

  1. I do not have Lion yet, to test this. If OG still has an Preferences option for AutoSave under Lion, it is a gross error (contrary to the compliance, ala absence of the SaveAs option) and should be removed.
  2. Actually, come to think of it, RevertToSaved is now redundant and can be removed (I am not sure why it is not automatically removed). The new way of accessing a previous version is via TimeMachine, and you can choose which particular version to revert to; or open a particular version and grab a few objects from it, without losing the context of the current open doc.


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