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I'm unhappy with the direction Apple is taking OSX these days and I'm actively looking at other platforms. That and I've lost the battle with the Omnifocus UI and stopped using it some time ago.
FWIW I mainly use OF for light management of document-based projects now a kind of front end for DEVONthink, which is the main thing that keeps me booting OS X for the moment.

My attention was recently drawn to this interesting interview (on software/hardware choices) with Ethan Schoonover, who initiated the OmniFocus project.

( He has now moved for most purposes to Arch Linux, retaining an OS X booting capacity mainly for the Adobe suite )

It seems to me that Apple Inc. and its shareholders have taken the view that the consumption-platform business concentrates capital faster than the work-horse platform business. Hence the progressive iOssification of OS X.

Inevitable ? Perhaps the future of work is generally more with open source, and the future of play (or at least the digital grazing component of play) with commercially-based consumer platforms, like iOSX