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How do I upgrade to a newer version? I know very little about the command line.
Probably the simplest thing is to backup/move/delete your existing installation and go through the install procedure again.

However, if you're feeling adventurous and want to track the changes more conveniently, you can install git from their web site or using mac ports. Git is a source code control tool that'll fetch all the changes whenever you want. It's a command line tool but there are plenty of fancy graphical front ends to it if you want to avoid the command line. Github provide their own - but I haven't tried it.

But if you've taken the command line route and have git installed, just typing:

git clone git://
at the command line will go fetch you a fresh copy in your current directory.

Thereafter, every time you want to get updates just typing:

cd wherever-I-installed-it/ofexport
git pull
will fetch any updates - and merge them with any changes you've made - like changes to the runner script to reflect an alternate install location.

(It's probably a good idea if I add a post-download script that fixes up the paths/permissions after a download or update - I'll add that to the next release.)

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