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I went with the easier approach, as I don't have macports installed.

So I built the filter below and it's close to what I want, but I'd prefer that the output simply be a flat list of tasks in context mode sorted by due date

In OF lingo is would be ungrouped, sort by due date, next action, any task.

So far my query looks like this:

ofexport -p 'note="#currentfocus"' -t next -a flatten -E -a done=any -C -a prune -c "sort due" -T markdown2 --open -o ~/Desktop/
This output gives me a file where the tasks are grouped by context and then sorted by due date.

If I want to remove the context grouping, do I need to modify my query or is that something I need to change in my template? If it's in the template, how do I change the template to get that result?