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Great job on this app OmniPeople. The OmniFocus UI is great for planning projects and contexts, but when it comes to getting work done on my computer, OmniFocus fills up my 15" screen and gets buried behind my other apps. If I need to glace at the list, I need to find OF and bring it to the front and then send it to the back again to continue working. I would love to have a super-simple view window option that just shows items that are actionable right now in a semi-transparent window that I can stick unobtrusively in the midst of my work environment (maybe even have an option to float above other windows.)

The skin for my Adium buddy list is like this and with small enough font, it's perfect for me to keep track of the list at a moments glance, but not get in the way of my workspace.

Here's a couple shots of my desktop with rough examples of what I'm talking about in the bottom right corner: /

What do you think?

Bellingham, WA

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