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Originally Posted by troyb
Seems to be working for me, have you noticed how it's behaving differently?
I don't recall the exact issue I was having when I posted that. Also, I know different SP's have come out since then.

I think the issue may actually be the same that I'm having with OW crashing on bookmark sync. I have a site setup with many different tools. All require a login. They are all hosted off the same subdomain. The keychain has entries for,,

However, OmniWeb only seems to care about the part. For example, I setup a new tool with the username admin and in the directory /dir4/. Then I setup another tool with the username forrest and the directory of /dir5/. These display as different entries in the keychain. However, when I try to log into /dir5/ the username for /dir4/ is autofilled.

The domain I have setup also has a webdav directory for bookmark syncing. When the wrong l/p is entered, OW crashes. (That should be in your bug db.) Even if I enter the correct l/p, after 10 minutes or so OW crashes. I wonder if that's because the first time it syncs it uses the correct one, and the next time it's grabbing the l/p from a different keychain entry for the same domain, but different directory.