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For some reason, whenever I go to MySpace (I know, I'm a loser) the wrong username and password is filled in. I have changed it and asked it to be added to the keychain, checked the "remember me" checkbox, etc. It still always fills in the wrong U/P.

Is this a MySpace thing, an omniweb bug? Camino works fine, btw.
Sorry to be angry but take my advice and I am sure many others in as much as "Why on earth have you used your email address as an ID?"

CHANGE IT AS SOON AS POSSIBLE ...unless it is a disposable one in which case I apologise. But if not you are going to be bombarded with spam and will regret it. It's even worse for you as it is a dot mac address from Apple (as is one of mine) but I never give it out and use many others that harvesting does not matter.