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Omni Response:

This has been filed internally at Omni as:
<bug://bugs/48533> (Sync failure for Office-iPhone-Home scenario [overwrite])

If you are also experiencing this issue please
Email OmniFocus Support
Original User Question:

Just an alert that at least for me, the Office-iPhone-Home sync scenario just failed badly.

Setup a database at home over the weekend with sneakypeaks and iPhone 2.0.

Go to work, start up sneakypeaks with the iDisk overwriting so everything is in agreement. Did it first thing this morning... all looks good.

Made a bunch of modications to the Office database during the day. I sync'd to iDisk. My iPhone sync'd (eventually... that's another story) and was uptodate with the modifications at work. Looks good.

Came home... started up OF... reports a sync shortly after I logged in.. but NO! It's an old version of the database. My changes are NOT sync'd. I try syncing again.. no feedback, but it says the sync happened. No changes.

Worse! A short while later I ask my iPhone to sync, and now ALL the changes I made today at work are gone!


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