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I actually just posted a thread about this and didn't know the issue was previously discussed.

When new Android-enabled phones start to emerge (HTC Dream?) within the upcoming months, I will definitely consider an iPhone replacement. I still rely on several Google services, and I think that MobileMe is not poised to compete in the web sector. Android offers awesome possibilities. It's like comparing Safari to Firefox. Safari is a major part of the OS, but Firefox 3.0 is faster and functions better than Safari, Camino, Opera, IE, etc. It took a few years of plugin development, but Firefox has the crown now.

I definitely think OF should consider developing an Android app.

@BonafideBM: The 2.0 unlock kit for the iPhone is probably available by now. I know the 2.0 software was jailbroken before the new iPhone software was launched. I believe that it allows you to purchase iPhone applications from the App Store (like OF), but you don't need an AT&T contract. It's something to look into.