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I have a small ruby script that takes any stared mail in gmail and puts it in the omnifocus inbox (the subject as the task name and the body goes in the note with a link to gmail).

That way I just star and archive on my android phone and when I run the script it gets into my inbox and gets un-starred.

If someone wants it I can package it as a mac app.
I would be interested in hearing more about how this works. Where does the ruby script run? I assume on the Mac w/ OF so it needs to be left running all the time. (Or does the script only run manually when you get back to your Mac?)

Where can the gmail mail message star be applied from? I assume any web browser - so could I star tasks in GMail on my iphone? (Like you do on Android phone) My Company has taken to blocking GMail access - so this is currently my only option.

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