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I too need multiple windows for the same outline, primarily so that I can view widely separated portions of that outline without lots of scrolling and expanding/collapsing. Thanks.
If OO Pro 4 isn't a dead project, which it appears to be, then perhaps more generally, I need an OO Pro that allows me to display in an outline an alias of any item from that or another outline. To do so, I suspect that OO Pro would internally assign a universally unique address for each "original" item (perhaps something that resembles a combination of the filepath and the "legal" "number" that would result from applying "legal" "numbering" to the "Whole Document"). It could then use this unique address to reference, link to, and display the corresponding item anywhere else.

Ideally, certain behaviors of each alias would be user-selectable, e.g.,
whether the content of the aliased item is editable within the alias, or whether that content must be edited by directly accessing the original item;
whether changing the expand/collapse status of the alias affects that status for the original item (or vice versa);
whether changing a property (font, size, style, color, numbering, prefix, suffix, etc.) of the alias affects that property for the original item (or vice versa);
whether selecting/highlighting the alias in one window causes the original item to be selected/highlighted in any other open windows in which it appears;
with the user being able to set default preferences for these behaviors.

Given that this thread is still hanging around after roughly 4 years, and Omni has not yet delivered OO Pro 4, what are others using to fill this or similar needs?