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If OO Pro 4 isn't a dead project, which it appears to be...
Long delayed, but definitely not dead. Original plan was OmniPlan 1.0, then OmniOutliner 4. And then came the shift to Intel processors, which required us to update all the apps. Then the iPhone. Also, iPad. Didn't really seem like we could sit those ones out, you know?

(OmniFocus, that one we brought on ourselves. But there are folks out there that depend on it just as much as you do on OmniOutliner, so I can't say I regret the decision. There's also a lot of code overlap, so OO will benefit from a lot of the work that went into OF.)

In any case, a totally understandable frustration; just wanted to provide a bit of explanation as to why it's taken so long. :-)