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How do you know it isn't syncing? The most reliable way to check on sync activity is to use the Show Clients button in the Sync preferences in OmniFocus on the Mac. That will give you the date and time each of the registered sync clients last synced.

I'm suspicious that you are making a change on the Mac, waiting a few minutes, and then expecting to see it on the iPhone (or vice versa). It doesn't usually work that way, except by coincidence, or if you are using the Bonjour sync. For the data to go from one client to another, the client where the change was made has to do a sync (pushing the change to the central database), and then the other client also has to do a sync (retrieving the change). The second client has no way of knowing that the first client has made a change, so it will only notice the change when it does its own next sync, either after a change is made locally or an hour after the last sync.

I think what you'll see when you consult the client display is that the client on which you made the change does sync after 1 minute (assuming it is connected to the network and continues to run the OmniFocus application and you haven't disabled Auto-sync in the case of the iPhone app), and if you tap the sync button on the other client, the change will promptly appear.