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I know you (Omni) are having to juggle lots of balls to keep your family of products going, but can you give us any idea of what's in the pipeline of OF iPad?

I think I'm in the unfortunate minority who are really struggling with OmniFocus on this platform, judging by the other comments here, but I'm kind of at my wits' end. I've tried to force myself to use OF, forcing myself to outline projects on the iPad rather than using another outliner and then importing it, but it just seems so slow and clunky. It's horrible to use when at a client's place. Unlike the Mac version, which makes it so easy to chuck stuff in haphazardly and then move it around and break it down, OF for iPad seems suited only to tasks where you know how the breakdown will look right from the beginning. It works fine for one-off remember-the-milk type tasks, too, but I need it to manage the larger projects in my life.

So, I'm trying to decide whether to persevere through this dark time or whether to seek an alternative. It would be really useful to have an idea of how you are perceiving our reaction to OF - do you see the user interface as only needing small tweaks, or do you agree that there are some large scale UI changes needed (for example, creating/moving/rearranging hierarchically complex projects)?

If the majority of users seem content, I'll understand that you'll want to concentrate on other projects, but it would be really useful to know what's going on inside the Omni mind - what are your priorities?