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This comes sooo close to something I've hankered for: a Search All toggle. I find the current Search implementation lacking because:
- it requires the toolbar to show icons, when I prefer the "text only" view. After activating Search, I have to reset the toolbar to text view.
- Along with seven perspectives, I've got several Rob Trew scripts in my toolbar, which is OK when I'm in text view, but when I activate icon mode the Search icon falls off the end of the toolbar.
- I have to use a perspective to get Search to Search All, and then return to my working perspectives after I've finished.

It's all rather clumsy. OF really needs a separate Search window. If we're going to stick our lives in this program, shouldn't we be able to get our lives back more straightforwardly?

In the interim, the only thing this script doesn't do to make Search a one-button process is to change the toolbar view mode to icon view.
I have no idea if this is possible: AppleScript is all Greek to me, or maybe Mandarin or Esperanto. If it is possible, any chance of inserting a line of code somewhere?

Thanks for all the applescripting. You've made OmniFocus a much more capable beast already.