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Hi A.

Thanks very much for your help. Glad to know this app is free which makes things a bit easier.

I don't necessarily want to prolong this thread but I do want to make sure i have explored all options. For some reason Outliner will not export as a Pages document? But it will Export as Keynote (or MS Word HTML, whatever that will do for me).

Is there a way for me to Export as Keynote (for instance) and then simply save these Exports (along with the original Omni documents) Postbox (which is available to all my devices)?

I guess this is assuming I can read - and edit Keynote - on my iPhone, and then it assumes I can Open or Import the edited Keynote doc in Outliner. This would be a little more direct for me in some ways I think. Does that make sense to you?

Also, is the word that there is an Omni Outliner app coming to the iPhone (hopefully with a package deal with Omni for the laptop...).