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Have you notice any particular problem leaving those large files attached, or are you removing them to be "on the safe side"?
Well, probably mostly the latter, but see below. I did have to spend quite a while trimming down my database when I first started using it on the 2G iPod touch (it would crash at start up, presumably due to running out of RAM), but it is unclear to me whether the bulk of the blame might have been more fairly assigned to the > 8k actions and 500 or so projects I had in my database before the forced pruning. As I recall, it was about 10 MB in size (when compacted).

Most of the attachment I have in mind won't change, as those are mostly PDF scans of paper documents. Regarding bandwidth usage, do you know if OmniFocus ever needs to retransfers unchanged attachments files it already synced in the past? Assuming you progressively add attachments, synching just the delta won't be a problem, but if your database grows to, say, 1 GB, and OmniFocus decides to re-sync the whole thing, then you might be in trouble.
OmniFocus needs to rewrite the entire database back to the net whenever it compacts it. That could take a while if done over a marginal cellular data connection. Murphy pretty much dictates that you'll be in a hurry to do something else when it decides to compact :-) In theory, if you're making changes only on one device, you could end up compacting hourly. In practice, I switch around often enough that I'm not compacting anywhere near that often, but I do know that when I pick up the device I've used least recently, that first sync will take a few minutes.
Yes, I think this is a good approach. Test, and see how well it works for yourself. I will do that, and maybe will have something to report a few months from now.
Please do report back. Are you syncing locally via Bonjour sync, or using the Omni Sync Service, MobileMe or other cloud provider? I imagine that doing it locally would probably make those first syncs of big attachments (and subsequent compactions) go a lot faster, but I like remote sync too much to use the Bonjour sync as a regular practice.