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Just got started with my sneaky peak, and OF is just plain *awesome*. However, there's one killer feature that is keeping me from moving over from iGTD permanently and taking my chances with the Alpha: prioritization of tasks! I realize that setting priorities is a bit "anti-GTD" to purists, but in my case it's absolutely necessary.

I'm a network engineer, so my @Online and @Computer contexts have somewhere in the neighborhood of 500 tasks between them. Without some kind of prioritization, I'm lost when it comes to wading through those. In KGTD, I hacked around this by creating contexts like @Online-P1, @Online-P2, etc., however I'd much rather be able to have all my online tasks be grouped under one true context and sorted by priority. Makes scanning, reviewing, and re-prioritizing *much* easier.

iGTD does this pretty well with their 1-5 prioritization column. I'm hoping Omni can come up with some kind of similar solution for OF.