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Most spreadsheets allow users to freeze or lock rows and columns. This allows the user to scroll through the document, yet keep a certain number of rows and/or columns visibly locked on the screen.

This would be a wonderful addition to OmniOutliner!
Please bear in mind, I am not suggesting "locking" the data in the cells of a specified row or column, as requested here:

This request is just to keep "heading" information from scrolling off the screen as the user scrolls through the remaining rows or columns.
For the record, I like OmniOutliner better than any outliner I've used. Unfortunately I've resorted/reverted to using spreadsheet applications instead, because there I can lock row and column headers.

I would very much like to start using OmniOutliner, again, but I'm stymied by the lack of this feature, which is essential to my work.

Thanks, qomni

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