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We have an existing request for this that I've added your vote to. We'll be keeping this in mind for future updates. Thanks!

Fortunately OmniO locks its row of Column Titles, preventing them from scrolling off screen. Smart, and largely sufficient for "locking column headers". The option of locking multiple rows would be even better.

However, I REALLY need to lock the leftmost column, so it never scrolls off the screen.

That's the deal breaker for me, that I can't lock row "headers" and prevent them from scrolling. When an Outliner document grows horizontally, due to the addition of columns, and I need to scroll to the right, I lose reference to the row's type of data—i.e. its header info.

I think your dedicated users would love this feature, because it would allow them to easily navigate large documents without losing their bearings.

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