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Yeah, that works, good eyes! I don't use any perspectives that group in the necessary fashion to notice. It doesn't explain the first screenshot, however, which appears to show a hierarchical context name displayed with all of its components in the Contexts view...

The iPhone got that option recently when changes were made to make it work more like the iPad, and a great hue and cry went up. You can read about it here:

When you supply your own perspective, you don't get to drill down via the sidebar like you do with the Contexts view, unless you're on the Mac. No way around that, or the differences in ordering, but sending in feedback to Omni will let them know improvement is wanted. My perception is that they've tried hard to keep all the glorious bits of knob-twiddling you can do in the Mac version out of the iOS versions, and that frankly makes me a bit nervous when they talk about revamping the Mac version to "apply the lessons we've learned from the iOS versions" but I'd be happy to be proven wrong about those fears.