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Hi dhm2006,

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I don't know much about Python. Do you *have* to run the script in terminal? What I mean to ask if whether running it in terminal is the only way to run it.
I think I have a workaround to this -- I've created a simple shell script that should do what you want, and bundled it into a double-clickable application using a tool called "Platypus".

I've attached a zip archive which contains a small application called "Run Script". Place this application in the same directory as the "" file, along with any PDF files you may want to add to the output (as described in the documentation at the top of the script). You can then double-click the application to run the script.

If you want to put this elsewhere, make an alias -- it's important that the application itself stays in the same directory as the Python script.

Hope this helps...

- Erik.
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