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I am using desktop and iPhone software syncing via Mobile Me. Frequently I get iSync conflicts on the desktop, asking which of two files to choose--local or Mobile Me. I seem to have read something about this before and there was a recommendation to ignore the messages, but that doesn't work since they keep coming back. Sometimes the conflict files are older databases.

On the iPhone I am frequently told that the file cannot be synced and I am asked to choose between server or local copy. This always seems to happen when I have been doing some work on the iPhone and come to sync back to base.

I notice that on my iDisk I have multiple copies of the database with dates going back to October. Some are mac.ofocus and some local.ofocus. Obviously these are still syncing between Mobile Me and my computer, although I suspect they have nothing to do with the current OF database. Is it safe (and desirable) to delete these old databases.

All the software is the latest version but I have not yet installed this week's update to OS X. This, I know, addresses some Mobile Me issues.

Any help would be appreciated.