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Unfortunately, at the moment the desktop approach is the only way to go. Do send in your votes for something else so they know it is important to you, though I'll admit an iPhone-only solution seems to me to be a challenge!

The OF Desktop Mail input works pretty well, so long as you can leave OF running during all the hours you want someone to be able to send you tasks. Also, the task will only appear on the iPhone after 2 things happen: a minute passes after the email is processed by OF, and the desktop does its automatic sync; and the iPhone does a sync of its own, after the desktop sync has completed. If you have Auto-sync turned on on the iPhone, you'll get an automatic sync a minute after making a change on the phone, and every hour thereafter when the application is active. Of course, you can always tap the sync button to force an immediate sync. Do a sync before checking the list to avoid being greeted with "why didn't you pick up the milk as I asked?" upon arriving home.