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I must say I also have this issue, but found a way round me having to bring my files back to my MAC only to send them onto my Work PC.

I use the facility to store my files from my iPad into a sepcial folder in Dropbox. On my Home MAC I have a piece of applescript monitoring my synced Local copy of special folder on Dropbox,. When a new Omnigraffle file arrives, Omnigraffle on my MAC starts up and a save as visio is processed to a different Dropbox folder and an automated email is sent to my Work email address with the Visio version. On average this have never taken more than a couple of minutes and takes away the pain.

I have a seperate Script running on my MAC looking for any Visio attachments arriving with a certain heading I have defined. These are opened on my MAC in Omnigraffle and saved in an Omni Graffle format to yet another Dropbox Folder

MY Dropbox folder Structure

To Omnigraffle
To Visio
From Omnigraffle

It took a lot longer to work it all out than I planned, but it really has enhanced my experience and integration into my work life. Customers really like seeing me sharing Omnigraffle on a projector and sending them the results before they have even left the meeting.
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*Perhaps Omni could consider offering a similar Web based service for ipad* *owners of the application? *
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