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How do I prevent a project from disappearing when last actIon has been completed. I know I can always click on the little eye to view all projects instead of remaining bur is there a more efficient way of making sure a project is not removed if I only make one list item and then check it as complete?
A project will be marked as complete automatically only if you've set the option to do that. It does not appear to be the default value on the iPad, so I assume you must have a Mac running OmniFocus with which you are syncing, and you've set the option there, as there is no UI for doing so on the iPad. If you don't want this option to be set for projects you create in the future, uncheck the "When completing the last item:" line near the bottom of the Data section of the OF preferences on the Mac. To change it for an existing project, select the project(s), bring up the inspector, and (un)check the box labeled "Mark complete when completing last item".

All of the settings mentioned in this post are propagated by OmniFocus sync, so set them on the Mac, sync all your devices, and they'll behave accordingly.

Also, when I create a new item in the inbox and then add a context, it is removed from the inbox. Why.
The default for refiling items in the Inbox upon a clean up operation (which happens when you press the Clean up button in the toolbar, or switch views, or press cmd-K) is that they only need to have either a project or a context set. With that setting, if a project is set, the action will be moved to the end of that project (no context will be set); if a context is set, but no project, the action will be moved to the default single action list as specified in the Data section of the preferences, named Miscellaneous by default. I often don't fully specify both project and context when I create an action, but don't want it to leave the Inbox until it is fully specified, so I use the "require both project and context" value for the "Clean up Inbox items which have" setting. I don't want anything going into the Miscellaneous bin unless I explicitly put it there, and I don't want actions in the projects that don't have a context set, as they are less likely to be worked if they don't appear in my context-based views.