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Often while I'm capturing in Quick Entry, or when I'm processing in the inbox, I'll group actions together. They're not always real actions, sometimes they are more like little mindmaps or notes that I'll sort out later on.

But, when I run Cleanup, any of these Groups that aren't assigned into a project become top-level projects and hide out in the bottom of my project list.

Usually this happens because of a habit I have - to regularly press Cmd-K while I'm processing, so the view cleans up and I can feel the progress I've made. If I hold off on Cleanup until I've assigned all groups in the inbox into projects, this doesn't happen.

So, an assumption is being made that I've indicated my intention for all the Groups in the Inbox, while it's quite possible that I haven't scrutinized everything in the Inbox yet - there may be some unprocessed Groups remaining.

It also happens if I Save or Cleanup while in the Quick Entry window - and to me, this is improper. The whole point of QE is to capture for subsequent processing, and I shouldn't be forced to choose or create a project in order to avoid the group winding up at the bottom of my project list. I regularly find myself dragging these projects back into my Inbox so I can process them there.

It's been said in other threads, Groups are not Projects, so let's not treat them as such. I agree with this, and on the other hand I can understand the rationale for this behavior too. Would it be possible to create a pair of preferences for this (one for Save from QE, and one for Cleanup)?

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