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Hi folks,

I use Omnifocus on three devices: a MBA, an iPhone 5 and an iPad. I manage my Omnifocus DB on the MBA.

I upgraded Omnifocus to the lastest version on my iPhone last week. Since then, I have an inconsistency in the number of actions between my devices after syncing. For example, now, I have :
  • iPad : 29 projects; 209 actions; 48 zip files
  • iPhone: 29 projects, 215 actions; 48 zip files

I've still followed the same process to sync my devices:
  1. Manage my database on the MBA
  2. Force sync on the MBA
  3. Sync on my iPhone
  4. Sync on my iPad
  5. Check if the number of projects/actions/zip files matches on both mobile devices. If yes, sync the MBA again to compact files. If not, sync all the devices again until the number matches.

I removed both devices from the MBA Omnifocus control panel, reset the database and sync them again. It did not help, the inconsistency is still here.

MBA version: OmniFocus/1.10.4/GM-v77.90.20
iPad version: OmniFocus 1.6.3 (v79.6.0.189278)
iPhone version: OmniFocus 1.16.2 (v80.2.0.189306)

Thanks a lot in advance for your help.