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Custom OmniFocus database paths -Keeps multiple Macs in sync
NEW FEATURE: OmniFocus allows me to choose the path for its database. This will allow me to keep the OF database on my iPhone with the help of this small utility from ECAMM. By setting the backup path to my external server, I have access to the data in case I forget the phone at work, or lose it.

However, I need help from the Ninja's to allow a custom path for the database. (or could I hack a SymLink from in the terminal - would prefer to not do this though)
The plan appears to have been, at one point, to allow users to choose the path for the OF database. I don't know where the Omni folks are on that. You apparently can hack a symlink from in the terminal.

See these comments from old threads:
From Omni --
From a Member --

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