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Not every element inside every chunk of screen has to line up with some other element in an adjacent part of the screen. Buttons have borders so they can align properly regardless of what the contents do.

Just because the Inbox button has text - to help differentiate it from the other "tap this and show me a list of items" areas on the screen - doesn't mean that the New Item button needs text, too. Tap that button one time and you realize it does something different.

Returning to your original point... As gopi's screenshots illustrate, trying to make the yellow portions of each button "line up" or "match" produces a quick entry button that's crowded by the borders in one case, and an inbox counter that's vertically challenged and looks bad in the other.

We understand you'd prefer something different here doodiebrad, but whatever time we spend making a change here could be used working on the other things which larger groups of customers have told us they want.

We got a small number of passionate emails telling us that the new icons and art we added to the iPhone app a while ago were a huge step backwards. If they shouted the loudest, should we have listened? :-)