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Projects are now considered 'stalled' when they are active but have no remaining actions.

(There is a draft FAQ listing current definitions of the OF 1.8 filters in this forum).

'Active' is a user-assigned status (rather than a calculated property). Unless, in Preferences, you have checked "When completing the last action - mark the project or group completed", you have to manually change a project's status from Active to On Hold|Completed|Dropped).

In other words, projects with a future start date (or with a first task which has a future start date) are 'active' unless you have marked them as [done/dropped/on hold].

(They are not, however, 'available')

Also, if you reset a project's 'next task' to a future start date, it loses its special highlight, and the applescript interface shows that it is no longer flagged as the 'next task' of its project.
(This is probably rational because in parallel projects it allows another task to take over as the 'next task'. On the other hand, it can leave sequential projects (and parallel projects which only have one task left) without any formal 'next task', even when uncompleted tasks remain - so 'next task' is implicitly defined as something like 'next currently available task').

I personally use my Where in OF script to track future starts and dues beyond a certain horizon.

For the purpose you describe, you might use searches like:
projects where start date of its first task > now
or, for specific horizons, things like:
projects where start date of its first task > today + 2w
projects where start date of its first task > <jan>
(A symbol like <jan> would be interpreted as midnight at the start of the next (or current) month of that name).

You can keep custom views like this within two clicks by saving them in your Where in OF search library (so that they appear on the front menu), and giving them some search options. For example:
projects where start date of its first task > now --sh nw gr=folder so=start
sh shortcut - jumps straight to a custom view which shows only the matching projects
nw new window
gr=folder so=start - grouped by folder and sorted by start date
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I'm forced to go back to OF 1.7.5 for now
(Where in OF only works with OF 1.8 - It depends on a number of excellent innovations in applescript support which have been made in OF 1.8)


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