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Thanks for the reply.

Unfortunately I'm not familiar with Applescript and shouldn't have to use it for what I would consider basic functionality. Functionality that was present in the last release!

This is a bug in my opinion and I'm shocked Omni either missed it or didn't think it was important.

These actions are now completely invisible from context view. You have to go into project view and look for them manually. It's ridiculous!

I noticed the project title is faded on these projects but that is not nearly enough to distinguish them easily in a large group, and you can no longer just view all unavailable projects in one place with a single click.

Using the word "Active" is my original post was a mistake.
So let me rephrase my question:
How can I create a perspective in OF 1.8 to filter projects whose next action is unavailable - like I easily could in OF 1.7.5?