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It was a deliberate change, not an accident. Prior to the change, the set of people who wanted to discover projects with no remaining actions had to use an Applescript solution, such as Curt Clifton's Verify Next Actions Exist. People who wanted to discover projects with no available actions could use the Stalled filter. There were a number of complaints on the forum about how the old definition of Stalled wasn't useful to many users (personally, I did find it useful, but that's just my opinion), and probably there were more that went directly to Omni. You can see Ken's announcement of the change here along with some discussion of the matter. Apparently they decided more customers would be better served by the new behavior, and made the change.

You shouldn't be so quick to dismiss extending and tailoring the application's behavior with Applescript. It is very easy to install Rob's script, and it is a veritable Swiss army knife when it comes to doing specialized searches in your database, most of which are simply not practical with the Omni UI. Part of the price of admission is going to pay for that Applescript facility that Omni provides all too many applications provide little or no scriptability! It isn't necessary to write your own scripts to take advantage, as a quick glance at the offerings in the OmniFocus Extras forum will reveal very useful scripts from people such as Rob, Curt, Dan Byler, Toadling, and so on, bringing greater functionality than the application provides out of the box. Rob's script can even be run from the dock or desktop if you don't want to install it in the OmniFocus toolbar.

So, you can run 1.7.5, keep the old behavior, and miss out on future functionality from 1.8 on, or you can run 1.8, get either definition of the stalled filter when appropriate (I use them both and wouldn't really want to lose either), and continue to enjoy bugfixes and new functionality. Seems to me the latter is a pretty easy choice to make, but it is your decision, of course. You should give Omni your feedback on the change and how it was made by using Help->Send Feedback, as there is no guarantee any particular forum post will be read by them, but all email they receive is.