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I would love to see OmniCal too ... and OmniAddressBook wouldn't be bad, either.

But I can live with AddressBook I do not like iCal.*

I run my family's calendars in Google Calendar. I have 5 calendars I maintain (one per person, plus one for all of us), and subscribe to a couple of local calendars. I'm not going to change this as my base. I also want a stand-alone app to work with my calendars, preferably one that can hold the data while I'm off-line.

1. Synching iCal with Google Calendars is awful. While I was trying this, I installed Calgoo to synch, which worked, but was clunky in the extreme.

2. iCal has lousy customization/GUI. I need to color code my calendars to see who is doing what. Background color bars are ideal; iCal colors the text itself -- and it's very hard to tell red from purple at 8 points. I can't change the font or size, either.

I'm currently running Sunbird, it meets my needs well but has been abandoned. I'll keep using it for the foreseeable future, but I bet any OmniCal, even a buggy alpha, would run rings around Sunbird.

[Otoh, I really like that I can set up an alarm in iCal that triggers Applescripts. I actually use one to open my morning routine apps, including Sunbird. How nutty is that?]

Like Dennis though, I don't want the OmniFolk pulling resources away from other projects to create OmniCal. But if they are ready to do something new ...

* I am using OS X 10.4.11 ... I don't now if iCal is any better in Leopard.