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I've searched the threads for a similar issue and didn't find anything, but still apologize if this is already answered...

Every time I use OF on my Mac (most recent OF version, running 10.7.3 Lion), it has a sync error upon either bringing OF to foreground, waking my MBP from sleep, etc. It gives the "Unable to synchronize with server..." message, and when I click "Retry" it works fine. This also happens with my iPhone, every single time. And likewise, it works after I tap to Retry the sync.

So my hunch is that it's trying initiate sync before my device or Mac has established network connection, upon waking from sleep, but I'm not sure about it because occasionally this also happens occasionally when the Mac hasn't been sleeping. If it's relevant, occasionally, when I open my sleeping MB and type a query into the Safari search field, I get the "no network" error, and have to wait a beat, and retry the search before it finds the network. This is why I believe it's a timing issue with the device reestablishing the network connection.

Anyway, is there anything I can do about this? Anyway to delay the auto-sync for a second or two? Or is there some other reason entirely?