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Progress report. OF/Mac gets back a 500 error. Through Goliath, which itself gets an error, I see that the following files are created

-- OmniFocus.ofocus
---- OmniFocus.ofocus
------ OmniFocus.ofocus
------ pqnbRZ4kJaR.client
Each time it fails it looks ilke it puts an OmniFocus.ofocus folder in the deepest one and populates it with four or five files.

OF/iPhone reports "Unable to read document. Unrecognizable file name ""; should contain a date separator instead of '='. [Cancel]

I was hoping to test thing on, my ISP, but I'm hitting some problems and they're not being seriously helpful. They're trying, but while WebDAV is supported I suspect nobody's ever mentioned it to them.

If someone at OF wants to ping me for some direct testing with 1and1, please do so.