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I am a fan of flat structures so a single folder for homemaker tasks makes sense to me. But I'd have a lot more projects. You can create your projects either by room or by task.

If you need lots of detailed actions and prefer to do each sort of task all at once then I'd word it like this:

Vacuum Upstairs
Vacuum bedroom
Vacuum Upstairs bathroom
Vacuum Reading room
Vacuum Downstairs
Vacuum stairs
Vacuum entry
Vacuum living room
Vacuum kitchen
Vacuum downstairs bathroom
If you prefer to work in a single room then I'd arrange it like a Hotel Maid does, Start at the door and work clockwise. Add as actions every task for each room so an example might be:

Reading Room cleaned and tidy
Pick up and put away all books and magazines
Vacuum floor and chair
Clean each bookcase
Remove books
Clean shelf
Polish wood
Replace books
Dust light fixtures
Clean fan blades
From my own experience though don't get too far into picking a way until you've tried it out. You can spend a huge amount of time setting up this great structure that doesn't work for you once you are trying to use it. Better to try several ways of organizing your projects and tasks using a single room or single set of tasks, try it for a while and then spend the time entering in the whole house once you know what works for you, that you like and will use. For me, I dislike all housecleaning tasks so I'm still struggling with finding a way to make them interesting and fun to finish ;-) I'll gladly spend hours mucking a barn yet put off scrubbing a toilet as long as possible.